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Choose More than Just a System

Choosing which system you need may be hard. Choosing the company you want to as a partner in ballast water treatment is easy.

More About Hyde Marine

A GUARDIAN for Every Need

Select the ballast water treatment system that is designed for the specific needs of your vessel.

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Service is the Key to Satisfaction

When something happens to your treatment system, you need to know that you are covered. Right now and right where you are.

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Not All Treatment Systems are Created Equal

Compare the differences between the top ballast water treatment systems to discover why the Hyde GUARDIAN has earned its industry-leading position.

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Selecting your Guardian

No two ships are the same, so why should your ballast water treatment system not be matched to your ship? Want to know which ballast water treatment system is right for your vessel? Use our configuration tool to find the perfect Hyde GUARDIAN for your needs.

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Servicing Your Guardian

You have a lot of questions. “How do I know my ballast water treatment system works?” “What happens when my ballast water treatment system breaks?” “Can I get service where my ship will be?” Hyde Marine’s promise to our customers is that if you have a problem, we have a problem. And for every problem, our Service Group has a solution.

Hyde Marine Services

Hyde Guardian Technology

Taking a system designed to treat a city’s worth of water and shrinking it down to fit on a ship is challenging. Making that system usable to an already overburdened crew is even harder. Want to know what makes the Hyde GUARDIAN the ballast water treatment system different? Read on to learn what to look for in a ballast water treatment system.

More About Hyde Guardian
UV Technology
UV Technology

The heart of every GUARDIAN is the UV Chamber

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Fine-mesh filtration means lower UV input and lower OPEX

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Smallest Footprint
Smallest Footprint

Think there is no space for your BWTS? Learn about how we make compliance compact

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Maximize Flow
Maximize Flow

Hyde Marine’s proprietary dose algorithm allows the maximum flow in any water condition

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"our Hyde BWTS system has been one of the most reliable systems delivered on our newly constructed vessel! With the few problems that we have had, your engineering team has been very helpful to quickly resolve and assist..."

Chief Engineer
R/V Sikuliaq

Hyde GUARDIAN Gold customers give our system an Overall Satisfaction rating of 4.0 out of 5 based on customer survey results through September 2019 and a 3.57 out of 5 average when every generation of the system is included.

Vinny Gala
Hyde Marine Manager of Services

For over nineteen years, Hyde Marine has worked with Princess Cruises to pioneer ballast water treatment system technology.  While working with Hyde Marine, Princess Cruises was the first company to install a ballast water treatment system on a cruise ship.

Andrew Lorenzana
Princess Cruises
Get Answers Get Answers

Ballast Water Management is likely the most complicated regulatory regime launched in recent memory. Looking for a single source for all of the important ballast water information? Wondering what regulations apply to your ship? Asking yourself “what is the ballast water compliance date for my ship?” Find answers to all of your ballast water questions in the Hyde Marine Academy.

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Get Educated Get Educated

Looking for videos on how to service your ballast water treatment system? Looking for a technical manual or guidance on how to install a ballast water treatment system? Wondering what Hyde Marine said at that last ballast water conference? All that and more are located here in the Hyde Marine Technical Library.

Hyde Marine Academy
Stay Compliant

Use our handy calculator to check your ballast water compliance date.