Ballast Water

Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Technology

Two-step method

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) relies on two main components as part of its two-step treatment method:

  1. Physical solid-liquid separation through surface filtration using automatic backwashing filters
  2. Physical disinfection via an ultraviolet (UV) technology

This simple and direct approach uses no active substances to treat ballast water.  The filtration process removes sediment and large organisms from the ballast water before it is treated with the UV light to inactivate or kill remaining organisms.

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Case Study: Retrofit for ROV Survey Construction Vessel (Survey, scanning, engineering by Goltens)

Filtration (Standard Flow) Brochure

Filtration (High Flow) Brochure

Learn more about the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Ballast Water Treatment Technology:

The Hyde Marine Advantage

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Filtration System

Ultraviolet (UV) Technology

Other Features


The Hyde Marine Advantage

  • Robust design ensuring highest performance
  • Proven in continuous shipboard use
  • Simple, automatic operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Minimum maintenance and effect on crew or vessel operations
  • Chemical-free
  • Compact design, supplied as a skid-mounted or modular-component system
  • Low pressure drop allowing use of existing ballast pumps
  • ATEX option for hazardous area installations

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The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS may be sized and configured for any type of vessel with models handling flow capacities in the range of 60 m3/hr to 6000 m3/hr.   With its flexibility in module design and ability to be skid mounted, the system may be installed in new constructions as well as existing ships where retrofit designs are possible in crowded machinery spaces.

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold Filtration System


The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold BWTS uses an automatic-backwash filter that is high in performance, reliability, and value. 

Benefits include:

  • Corrosion-free materials for a long service life
  • Low pressure drop
  • Ability to handle heavy sediment loading
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • ATEX filters suitable for hazardous environments
  • Designed to filter out long, narrow worms and chain algae
  • Significant reduction in ballast tank sediment deposits

BROCHURE: Filtration - Standard Flow or Filtration - High Flow

VIDEO: Filtration (High Flow)


Ultraviolet (UV) Technology

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold® BWTS uses a high intensity ultraviolet (UV) treatment as a means of disinfection. UV light damages the DNA of organisms, thereby killing them or making them unable to reproduce (non-viable). The medium pressure lamps that the Hyde GUARDIAN Gold system utilizes produce a polychromatic output across the entire spectrum of the germicidal curve versus the monochromatic output at the single 254nm wavelength achieved with low pressure UV lamps.


  • Does not require toxic chemicals, use free radicals, or create any toxic byproducts/compounds, therefore eliminating any need for transportation, storing, or handling of chemicals aboard the ship
  • Runs automatically with very little operator attention
  • Does not contribute to corrosion like chemical oxidants
  • Efficacy is not affected by water salinity, temperature, or holding time in the ballast tank
  • No danger of overdosing
  • Organisms cannot build resistance against UV
  • Does not require dilution or deactivation
  • 100% safe without side effects
  • Simple and cost effective

VIDEO: UV Technology

Treatment Chamber

The Hyde GUARDIAN Gold UV Chamber has one of the smallest footprints of any UV system and includes a specific number and size of UV lamps depending on the total ballast water flow to be treated. These lamps are housed in high quality quartz sleeves, which pass through the corrosion resistant treatment chamber.  The UV intensity automatically adjusts between power levels to compensate for turbidity or quartz sleeve fouling ensuring a consistent, reliable UV dosage.  UV dosage is a combination of lamp power, UV transmission, distance from the lamp sleeves, and exposure time.

The UV chamber is carefully designed for minimum pressure drop, maximum retention time, and compatibility with the marine operating environment. The number, size, and type of UV lamps in the chamber are specifically selected based on the design ballasting/deballasting flow rates.  The lamps are encased in quartz sleeves and therefore do not come into direct contact with the liquid.

Other Characteristics include:

  • Medium Pressure lamps with a service life of 5,000 hours, offering years  of maintenance-free operation
  • Quartz sleeves with a simple automatic wiper mechanism used to clean deposits with minimal maintenance and without chemicals
  • Temperature sensor to monitor water temperature and a UV sensor to measure the relative intensity of the UV lamps
  • Drain and air relief valves
  • Inspection and access hatch for easy routine checks, maintenance, and replacement of quartz sleeves, lamps, and wipers
  • ATEX options to operate in hazardous zones

Other Features

Equipment Scaling/Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Mathematical modeling is used as a way to scale systems for design so that effectiveness of UV dosing is carried over to untested designs.  CFD determines the dose distribution within a specific UV Chamber by considering flow, UV transmittance, and lamp power. This ensures that each Hyde GUARDIAN Gold system that is designed and installed meets the appropriate function and effectiveness stated in the IMO G8 guidelines. The UV Technologies division of Calgon Carbon has successfully used this method in the drinking water industry for many years, thus allowing Hyde Marine to successfully apply the CFD method to the ballast water market.

Control Panel

A single control panel operates the entire BWTS (filter, UV, valves, and booster pump, if required). All operations and indications can be viewed via the LCD panel, and the system can easily be integrated into the ship’s control system to allow for operation and monitoring in the control room.

Hazardous zones

For hazardous or explosive environments, the Hyde GUARDIAN BWTS has been certified in compliance with Directive 94/9/EC of the European Parliament (ATEX).  Key system components, such as the filter system and UV chamber, are approved for installation and operation in hazardous areas.