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Properly investing in your ship’s ballast water treatment system means you will keep your operating costs in check and mitigate equipment problems in the future. The mission of Hyde Marine’s Field Service Department is to utilize its extensive experience and technical expertise in the maritime market to produce a client experience that is unrivaled in the marketplace.  

Hyde Marine employs a Global Support Network to support your ballast water treatment system.  Through this network, Hyde Marine provides installation, commissioning, and maintenance services, as well as repairs, spare and replacement parts, and technical support.  The key benefit of this Global Service Network is that allows for the rapid dispatch service technicians and spare/replacement parts, thus minimizing the typical downtime associated with waiting on labor or materials to arrive.  

At Hyde Marine, each and every client is important; however, each client's goals may be vastly different.  As such, Hyde Marine’s services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.  Hyde Marine’s commitment to service excellence focuses on this important point, which, in turn, accomplishes several objectives.  In general, and probably most important, this focus results in a lower total cost of ownership of the equipment through its life cycle, as well as an overall reduction of the vessel’s environmental footprint.

For more information contact our Service Support Team at to learn more about equipment management service offerings.

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Spare and Replacement Parts

Hyde Marine’s products are respected for their reliability in the field, but as with any piece of equipment, replacement parts are still needed on occasion to ensure that the equipment is operating optimally and effectively to meet your ballast water treatment needs.  Hyde Marine has developed a Global Service Network with the primary goal of minimizing the downtime associated with waiting on replacement or on-board spare part(s) to be delivered.  These Global Service Providers allow Hyde Marine to deliver spare and replacement parts quickly and efficiently regardless of customers’ geographic location.

For spare and replacement part inquiries, please send an email to or call/email the Regional Service Center nearest the desired delivery location.

Routine/Annual Service and Maintenance Contracts

Hyde Marine’s Service Department offers routine and preventative maintenance contracts, where an authorized Hyde Marine Field Service Technician will arrange to visit the vessel at predetermined intervals (ie. Quarterly, annually, etc…) with the following key objectives:

  • Multiple point visual inspection of the ballast water treatment system
  • Executing routine maintenance activities
  • Updating system software (if necessary)
  • Verifying that the system is operating properly
  • Recommend upgrades or repairs

For further information on service and maintenance plans, please email/call Hyde Marine Headquarters or one of the Regional Service Centers listed below (

Service Department Contact Information

Head Office:
Hyde Marine
2000 McClaren Woods Drive
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15108 USA
Tel: +1.855.HYDEBWT (+1.855.493.3298) or +1.412.228.4505

For technical support with your Hyde Guardian equipment:

For spare and replacement parts inquiries:

For service related inquiries:

 Regional Service Centers




Pittsburgh, PA +1.412.228.4505

Houston, TX +1.855.493.3298

Shanghai, China  

Singapore, Singapore +65.31586197

Busan, South Korea 070.7686.0090

Tokyo, Japan +81.363880372

Dubai, UAE  

Durban, South Africa +27.311002320

Rotterdam, Netherlands +31.108104030

Santos, Brazil +55.1340404441


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