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MODUS/Heavy Lift/Drill Ships

MODUs/ Heavy Lifts/ Drill Ships

When you need to move ballast, you need a system that ensures it keeps moving
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De Nora makes ballast water management (BWM) and marine wastewater discharge compliance simple.

One way De Nora makes it simple is by helping shipowners and operators install its suite of BWM technologies.
Take the Hyde GUARDIAN® Ballast Water Management System (BWMS). It offers a variety of efficient, cost-effective benefits vessel operators depend on for proper ship operations.

The Hyde GUARDIAN® BWMS was a pioneer in the effective use of ultraviolet (UV) light combined with a proprietary filtration system to deliver the flexibility needed to address varying types of water quality around the world. And, by enabling vessel operators to adjust the UV treatment dose, the Hyde GUARDIAN BWMS can operate at peak efficiency, so no organisms are left untreated, and no excess energy is consumed.

Ideal for flow rates up to 1000 m3/h, the Hyde GUARDIAN® BWMS offers the maritime industry’s first automated performance analytics solution for ballast water management – the Hyde GUARDIAN Data Log Analysis Utility (DLAU).

DLAU is a predictive maintenance tool, which monitors the health and performance of the entire Hyde GUARDIAN system. Data are shared with both the owner and De Nora technical specialists. Moreover, DLAU is part of a broader cloud-based technology suite – DE NORA VIA™ , hich offers comprehensive remote support technology and enabling De Nora technical support specialists to remotely connect with crews in real time to provide support services for optimal BWMS operations.

With an intuitive interface, easy integration with the existing automation systems, and a first-of-its-kind feedback alarm to tell crews when the system is not operating inside the boundaries of the Type Approval testing, the Hyde GUARDIAN BWMS is a leap forward in BWM performance and results.

Beyond ballast water management, De Nora helps maritime operators comply with International Maritime Organization (IMO) discharge standard for the treatment of offshore and marine sewage. Soon, De Nora will be launching its successor to the De Nora M55, a reliable workhorse of the industry. The new technology will once again will raise the standard by which all other sewage treatment plants will be measured by leveraging two unique technologies to help achieve compliance with new IMO requirements.

Case Study

Sembcorp Marine in Singapore selected the Hyde GUARDIAN system for installation a series of semi-submersibles being built for a U.S. owner.

The Challenge
The Challenge

With new construction comes detailed requirements that equipment suppliers are expected to meet.

The Execution
The Execution

The shipyard proposed a detailed project management process that easily enabled both parties to identify product modifications and track open issues either in the design or extensive documentation.

See the Case Study

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DEMAND PERFORMANCE. Our flagship reactor in full test mode, ready to meet your ship’s needs.


DEMAND COMPLIANCE. When guaranteed flow and performance are critical to your operations.


DEMAND INTEGRATED. When you need to have it all: compact size, simple operation, and high flow rates.

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