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MODUS/Heavy Lift/Drill Ships

MODUs/ Heavy Lifts/ Drill Ships

When you need to move ballast, you need a system that ensures it keeps moving
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What do you do when none of the ballast water treatment systems on the market fits on your vessel? Which ballast water treatment system manufacturers really understands the challenges of the offshore industry? How does a system designed for a ship work with it is not installed on a ship? Hyde Marine knows that this is a very real concern for offshore equipment operators.  Because of this, we have always been an innovator in this space, designing our equipment to meet your very unique needs. 

Need high flow rates, but not high power requirements? With the lowest power consumption of any UV-based ballast water treatment system on the market, Hyde Marine can treat high flow rates without using all of the available power just to run the treatment system. Need a system that can treat water stored in a pontoon for months or years? GUARDIAN treats during Ballast and Deballast so there is no concern about leaving water in tanks for long periods between ballasting.  Every drop that goes off your ship will be fully treated, every time.  Need a system that can be installed in the hazardous area? Hyde Marine was the first UV-based system with both ATEX and IECEx approval, allowing for installation in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas up to and including Class 2 gasses.  Need a system that can account for when you are only ballasting and deballasting local water for preloading, setting anchors, performing a heavy lift operation, or just doing a short in-field shift? GUARDIAN has a mode to help make sure your system knows it is not being bypassed.

If you are looking to find a system that will fit when no other system will, look no further than the Hyde GUARDIAN BWTS. Click on one of the sample systems below, or build your own Hyde GUARDIAN with our product configuration tool to see the GUARDIAN that was designed for you.

Case Study

Sembcorp Marine in Singapore selected the Hyde GUARDIAN system for installation a series of semi-submersibles being built for a U.S. owner.

The Challenge
The Challenge

With new construction comes detailed requirements that equipment suppliers are expected to meet.

The Execution
The Execution

The shipyard proposed a detailed project management process that easily enabled both parties to identify product modifications and track open issues either in the design or extensive documentation.

See the Case Study

The Right Choices for Your Ship


DEMAND PERFORMANCE. Our flagship reactor in full test mode, ready to meet your ship’s needs.


DEMAND COMPLIANCE. When guaranteed flow and performance are critical to your operations.


DEMAND INTEGRATED. When you need to have it all: compact size, simple operation, and high flow rates.

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Now that you have the information you need, why not build the Hyde GUARDIAN system for your ship and get a budgetary quote.

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Looking for a single source for all of the important ballast water information? Wondering what regulations apply to your ship? Find answers to all of your ballast water questions when you ask Hyde Marine.

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Use our handy calculator to check your ballast water compliance date.