The Hyde Marine Global Service Center is your one-stop-shop for all of your Hyde GUARDIAN® needs from the moment you receive your new GUARDIAN® system until the end of your ship’s useful life.  When you need the parts to make sure your GUARDIAN system is performing at its best, contact our parts professionals and they will get you the right part, the first time.

OEM Parts, There is a Difference

When it comes to maintaining a piece of shipboard equipment, the relentless pressures of financial realities often lead ship operators to consider alternate sources of spares. For many pieces of equipment, an OEM uses relatively similar parts to those that are available on the open market for other equipment. When it comes to ballast water treatment, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hyde Marine has spent more than a decade perfecting the Hyde GUARDIAN® ballast water treatment system into what we think is the best ballast water treatment system available on the market. This strive for excellence extends into many areas of our equipment, but nowhere is it more evident than in the custom-designed equipment that makes up the core of our treatment process.

As part of our IMO and U.S.C.G. testing protocols, components like the UV lamps, the flow meter, the UV Intensity sensor, pressure transmitters, filter assembly, and dozens of other critical parts are identified and specifically listed by part number on our approval certificate.  Failing to use these parts is a violation of the certificate issued with each system, but also, it a recipe for a system not performing to its full potential, costing you in the form of additional power consumption, reduced flow rates, increased component wear, and increasing the risk that routine Port State inspections can elevate to costly compliance testing.

Take one particular component: the UV lamp. Hyde Marine purposely designs our UV-lamps for marine use.  They are designed for the rugged environment of shipboard use, and are specially formulated from a Hyde Marine proprietary recipe to match the individual components of our lamp circuit. Check out these spectrographs of different, seemingly identical, UV lamps:

Clearly, though the lamps appear to be identical in design and manufacture, the output of each lamp is very different. When the goal of compliance is 99.9% effectiveness, you cannot afford to take a risk on which lamps you are getting.

Global Reach, Local Delivery

Hyde Marine recognizes that ships travel the world. Making sure our parts are available to you when you need them and where you need them is a challenge that we embrace. Knowing you do not want to guess whom you should be calling for parts is the easiest part of that challenge.

Hyde Marine maintains a central parts department to make sure you always know where to go to get the parts you need. But not every part must be shipped from Pittsburgh. Hyde Marine maintains stocks of critical parts and spares in many locations around the world to arrange for quick shipments direct to your vessel from within the local area that your vessel is trading.

Having parts on-hand locally ensures that you get what you need, when you need it, without having to call a different number in every port.

Plans for Every Need

Sometimes, you want to take the mysteries out of budgeting.  Hyde Marine offers parts plans of every type and of every duration to take the mystery out of the cost of routine wear parts. Typical plans are between 1 and 5 years and can include either stand-alone parts, a combination of parts and service, or just onboard servicing. 

Contact Hyde Marine by emailing and someone will contact you immediately about the parts and service plans available for your vessel.

Need a spare or replacement part for your GUARDIAN system? Grab the serial number for the unit and email us at If you want faster service, call us directly at +1-855-HydeBWT (493-3298) and ask to be transferred to the parts department.