Hyde Marine has always been a leader in compliance testing. As one of the first ballast water treatment system manufactures to embrace the indicative compliance testing community, we have worked with all of the major test kit manufacturers to develop and test their equipment against real D-2 test results.  The benefit of all of that testing is that we have now developed a trust and a relationship with the best companies in the business.  And we offer the benefits of those relationships to our customers.

When You Need to Know

The reality of a failed indicative test depends greatly on who is giving the test. As a diagnostic tool, indicative testing is a great way to ensure that your system is functioning the way it was designed to work. But there are a lot of factors that go into a successful test.  Sample sizes, the potential for contamination of the sample port, and sediments that are agitated during discharge all have the potential for creating momentary scenarios when an otherwise good system may give an erroneous test result.

That is why Hyde Marine considers onboard compliance testing as a critical part of our overall maintenance program. By providing our customers with regular test results, together with signed compliance reports, we can give them the ammunition to demonstrate compliance even before the Port State inspector brings out their own tools.  And if we find a problem? We are right there to do the troubleshooting to see what may have gone wrong and how the ship can prevent future testing mis-steps. 

Savvy ship owners know that being preparing to success is planning for success. Make sure you use Hyde Marine’s indicative testing protocols to help ensure the uninterrupted operation of your ships worldwide.

Any Time, Any System

Hyde Marine stands behind every system that we sell.  In fact, we put our name on every one! So behind that promise is our commitment to prove that our system works through real-world testing during the life cycle of the equipment.

But what if the equipment you have is not backed by the same level of assurance?  Have you asked yourself: “Who can I get to test my ballast water treatment system?” Hyde Marine boldly stands up and says: we will.  Regardless of who manufacturers your system or who you purchased your system from, Hyde Marine stands ready to bring our experience and knowledge of testing to your ships and to help you identify the key factors that may be impacting your ship’s ballast treatment.

Finally, if you have a concern about whether or not your Hyde GUARDIAN system is functioning but you want an independent company to come and do the testing, Hyde Marine can help arrange an introduction to either an independent company who can do the testing for you directly, or we can put you in touch with the equipment you need to do the testing yourself.

Whether our equipment or not, whether we test your ship or we put you in touch with someone who can, whether you need a report ahead of a Port State visit or you have to clear a deficiency issued at your previous port, Hyde Marine stands ready to meet your testing needs, right at the deck plate level.

Plans for Every Need

Regulatory agencies like companies that are prepared. If you want to take the risk out of forgetting to schedule a test or you want to demonstrate a higher level of compliance, Hyde Marine offers periodic testing programs where we automatically attend the vessel for testing.  Testing can be arranged either on a scheduled basis or on a random basis, but either way you have the peace of mind knowing that you are staying ahead of the regulators in proving compliance.  

Typical plans are between 1 and 5 years and schedule tests either annually or once per quarter.  Test plans can be coupled with service plans at a nominal cost so you can pair either onboard service, parts and service, or just parts support with the critical testing to keep your vessel in compliance. 

Contact Hyde Marine by emailing service@hydemarine.com and someone will contact you immediately about the testing and service plans available for your vessel.

Ending section: (no title) Need to schedule a test for your GUARDIAN system? Grab the serial number for the unit and email us at testing@hydemarine.com.  Alternately, you can call us directly at +1-855-HydeBWT (493-3298) and follow the guided prompts to be connected to the Service Department.