Hyde Marine is more than just the best ballast water treatment system on the market. Hyde Marine is a company of firsts, a company that identified a way to use our expertise and experience to shepherd a reluctant industry through the difficult ratification of the 2004 IMO Ballast Water Convention. We sold the first ballast water treatment system to the Royal Princess, installed the longest-continually-running ballast water treatment system onboard the M/V Coral Princess, and achieved IMO Type Approval for our product in 2008 and then again with our completely re-designed second generation product in 2014. 

Hyde Marine has always led from the front of the industry as a pioneer in the UV-treatment of ballast water. We simplified our systems, miniaturized them, and fought against the regulatory pressures to over-power, over-design, and over-complicate them. Hyde Marine has been a partner to the compliance testing community, ensuring that their equipment was not designed in a vacuum, but using the expertise of our technicians and the dozens of scientifically assessed tests carried out over nearly a decade of testing to compare indicative test results to real discharges.

Hyde Marine manufactures each ballast water treatment system at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA. With an overhead gantry crane, modular fabrication cells, access to multiple power sources, and a fully wetted test area, Hyde Marine is able to fully assemble and test each system prior to shipment to ensure the equipment arrives ready to be used by the customer.

By co-locating the engineering, drafting, manufacturing, production, and service groups all at a central location, each team can closely collaborate with each other throughout the entire build cycle of equipment. With access to a full test bed and a steady stream of projects in testing, the service team is also able to quickly recreate scenarios seen in the field to provide immediate remedies and to ensure that the right people, with the right equipment, arrive on time, the first time when service is needed.

Since the beginning, Hyde Marine has been dedicated to partnering with our customers to meet them in the middle of their needs.