De Nora is the water treatment technology partner of choice to the maritime community, offering ballast water solutions for all flow rates and vessel types. Our BALPURE® electrolytic disinfection Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) is ideal for vessels with high ballast flow rates, such as LNG, tankers and bulk carriers. While the Hyde GUARDIAN® ultra-violet (UV) BWMS addresses vessels with lower ballast flow rates such as offshore support vessels, container ships, cruise ships and small tankers. 

BWMS are critical to both compliance with international ballast water management regulations, and the preservation of marine ecosystems across the globe. De Nora is now one of the few global BWMS manufacturers offering both UV and EC BWMS technologies over a full range of flows. Both BALPURE and Hyde GUARDIAN systems have been extensively installed on vessels across the global maritime industry and are approved to meet the IMO D-2 and USCG requirements.

Hyde Marine manufactures each ballast water treatment system at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA. With an overhead gantry crane, modular fabrication cells, access to multiple power sources, and a fully wetted test area, Hyde Marine is able to fully assemble and test each system prior to shipment to ensure the equipment arrives ready to be used by the customer.

BALPURE® system
With its flexible footprint, ease of operation and low power consumption, BALPURE systems offer new and retrofit vessels a reliable treatment solution to comply with the most stringent ballast water regulations. The system’s unique slip stream treatment approach allows the electrolysis generation equipment to be remotely mounted – away from the ballast lines- and all other system components split into small sub-assemblies to maximize installation flexibility. This slip stream technology approach allows for operation in low-salinity, low-temperature water quality environments. To date, De Nora’s extensive electrochemistry experience spans more than 95 years, and 6,000 electrochlorination installations.

Hyde GUARDIAN® system
Hyde GUARDIAN lamp system is more than a collection of parts, it is a technological suite of key components, all designed to provide a seamless ballast water treatment system to the crews that use them. Fine mesh filtration in the system means lower UV input and lower OPEX, while a proprietary dose algorithm allows the maximum flow in any water condition. The system also has the smallest equipment envelope on the market, and can be tailored for the most challenging vessel types.

Global support and aftercare from our experts
Orders for both BALPURE and Hyde GUARDIAN systems will be delivered by De Nora’s experienced and highly motivated team, operating across key strategic locations worldwide. Thanks to our global capabilities and partnership approach, we are ideally placed to meet future anticipated spikes in BWMS sales.

Why De Nora Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS)?
• A proven, reliable, high performing BWMS
• Suitable for all vessel types and flow rates
• Compliant with IMO and USCG regulations
• Safe and proven operation at sea
• Select the best technology for your application
• A partnership approach during installation and after sales care
• New build and retrofit applications
• Global reach and aftersales support